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What if everything you thought, you knew, about stress was WRONG?

HOW BAD IS STRESS FOR YOU? This is what the majority of Books, Stress Management Courses, Articles, Self-Help Industry and Health Magazines tell you. And it’s the greatest misleading concept because research tells a totally different story: Stress is harmful, except when it’s not.

Over the years we've grown to see STRESS as PUBLIC ENEMY NO.1, responsible for countless health problems, relationship troubles, unhappiness and anxiety, and to be avoided at all costs. But what if changing your mindset about stress could actually make you healthier, happier and better able to reach your goals?

STRESSED and BLESSED (A subconscious Re-Imprinting Workshop) is the FIRST OF ITS KIND WORKSHOP to bring together cutting-edge discoveries on the correlation between resilience-the human capacity for stress-related growth-and mind-set, the power of beliefs to shape reality.

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Who can attend?

Any individual, who is willing to regain health, happiness, longevity, achieve one’s goals and lead a quality life by transforming stress into something good.

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