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A Hero’s Journey with Bhujabali

Heroes are not born, they are discovered within. You have all the potential to be a hero.

· Don’t settle for the less.

· Abundance is your potential.

· Unshakable is your nature.

·  Destiny is your possibility.


If you accept the call, the call to adventure, you will unleash the hero within. Be ready for your Inner Journey. A Hero’s Journey with Bhujabali.


We are presenting you A HERO”S JOURNEY Workshop @ Bangalore.


Watch the Intro Video on YouTube:


A HERO’S JOURNEY Workshop is based on 1949’s classical book “The Hero with Thousand Faces” by Mr. Joseph Campbell.


Mr. Joseph Campbell reveals the common pattern a hero undergoes in world’s all mythologies. The hero is same, journey is same, and only have different faces.


Using NLP Subconscious Reprinting techniques, one can identify the Hero within, follow the pattern and unleash the Hero to the external world. If one can do something, then anybody can learn to do that thing.


Let’s make our new resolution for 2018, to unleash the hero within.  




Date: 01st April 2018 (Sunday)

Time: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm Noon

Venue: Transformo Incorp, #130, Ragam, 1st Floor, 5th Block, Banashankari III Stage, III Phase, Bangalore-560085 (Near to Brand Factory, Kamakya, One Lane behind People Show Room)

Registration starts on 15th March 2018.