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(Personality Assessment Workshop for Interview Candidates)

What is uniqueness in you? How do you differentiate yourself from any other candidate in the job market? The prime uniqueness in you is your personality. Your personality crafts a brand called YOU.

Please note that “what makes us unique makes us successful- William Arruda.

“Candidate seeks a job; the company seeks YOU, if you are a brand- Bhujabali.

Irony of today’s education system is that a candidate, who has high percentile in academics, degrees from reputed institutes, medals etc., stammers to answer the first question in any job interview, i.e., Tell me about yourself.

It is observed that more than 90% of candidates fail to answer this question properly. Thus they fail to create a first impression in an interview, which would have been, otherwise,  a stepping stone to their success in that interview.


Once you explore your unique personality traits; You know your – strengths, areas of improvements, source of your energy and motivation, leadership style, ideal boss and company to work with , strategies to manage and lead the team, etc.,


Most importantly, you know how to match your personality traits with company or job specific requirements and prove yourself as the most suitable candidate in an interview. With brand YOU; you can impress the interviewer in the first question itself.


Better Late than Never.


“Where there is a will, there is a way to differentiate” – JACK TROUT.


You can explore your differentiable personality at You are Unique Workshop. And we are sure that you will make the best use of this unique opportunity to secure your dream job in your next job interview.


In interview, don’t tell how good you are. Instead tell how good it’s for a company to have YOU in their team”- Bhujabali.

COURSE FEE: Rs. 500/-

DATE: 17th MAR  2018 (SATURDAY)

TIME: 02.30 PM to 05.30 PM
VENUE: transformo incorp,#130, Ragam, 1st Floor, 5th Block, BSK III Stage,III Phase, Bangalore-560085 (Near to Brand Factory)

Registration starts from 1st March 2018.